XPENG G6 Ultra Smart Coupe SUV

XPENG Launches G6 Ultra Smart Coupe SUV in China

XPeng Inc., announced the official launch of its G6 Ultra Smart Coupe SUV, the Company’s inaugural model based on its next-generation technology architecture, SEPA2.0, in China. Customers will be able to experience the Company’s next-generation Smart EV innovation at a price range between 209,900 RMB to 276,900 RMB, with initial deliveries to commence in July 2023 for customers in China.

Equipped with XNGP, XPENG’s full-scenario ADAS solution, and XPower, XPENG’s 800V powertrain system and 800V high-voltage SiC platform, alongside cutting-edge front and rear integrated aluminum body die-casting and CIB battery-body integration technology, this new model represents the next generation of Smart EVs – catering to essential demand of customers by the most advanced technologies in the industry.

“XPENG G6 embodies our unwavering commitment to technology innovation and reaffirms our mission to lead the mobility transformation,” said Mr. He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of XPENG. “We believe that our forward-looking technology roadmap and vision for making innovative technology accessible to the mass market firmly position XPENG as an industry trendsetter and leader in customer satisfaction.”

Born Intelligent. Redefines Smart Driving

The XPENG G6 is equipped with the industry’s only mass-produced full-scenario ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), XNGP, empowered by China’s first BEV+Transformer-based deep visual neural network XNet. The G6 has 31 smart sensors, including two LiDARs, and a total computing power of up to 508 TOPS from the dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin-X chips. These advanced features will allow the vehicle to visualize panoramic road conditions in real time and handle multiple driving scenarios from starting the car through parking at a destination, regardless of the high-definition (HD) map coverage availability. With XNGP, XPENG has achieved the ultimate form of ADAS before fully autonomous driving is realized.

The XNGP-equipped G6 also incorporates new-generation Highway NGP, efficient City NGP and an industry-leading VPA-L memory-based parking function, enabling end-to-end assisted driving throughout daily driving scenarios. City NGP has been rolled out in all four of China’s top-tier cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2023, XPENG will also offer “AI Valet Driver” capabilities to all owners of XNGP-equipped vehicles in China. By learning users’ daily high-frequency routes, XNGP can provide an ADAS experience comparable to that of an experienced driver, even in areas without HD map coverage.

Superfast Charging. Superior Energy Efficiency

The G6 is designed to achieve industry-leading charging capacity and energy efficiency to empower superior range performance and charging experience. Its energy-saving attributes include 17 optimized anti-drag design features, a cutting-edge X-HP 3.0 Intelligent Thermal Management System, and reduced body weight thanks to China’s only front and rear integrated aluminum body die-casting technology, all of which help to extend the G6’s range as far as 755 km (CLTC) with 13.2kWh energy consumption per 100 km.

Furthermore, with the industry’s first mass-produced 800V SiC (silicon carbide) platform and a standard 3C battery, the G6 can now realize maximum charging speeds, requiring just 10 minutes of charging for 300 km of range on XPENG S3/S4 supercharging piles. Even on public fast-charging stations, the G6 can charge more than twice as fast as the previous-generation 400V models in the market.

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Superlative Performance. Ultimate Safety

The G6’s body design features the dynamic golden ratio, with a low, 540 mm barycenter and a 50:50 front and rear weight ratio. Its front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting and CIB battery-body integration technology also produce body rigidity up to 41600N·m, 83% greater rigidity than traditional designs, helping the G6 deliver even better driving control. The highly integrated 800V XPower 3-in-1 powertrain system creates an excellent handling experience including acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.9 seconds.

Based on the C-NCAP 2024, E-NCAP 2023, and CIRI (China Insurance Research Institute)’s triple safety standards, the G6 is designed to meet the highest safety certification. The G6’s body structure is comprised of a blend of steel and lightweight aluminum, providing robust safety features at a lower weight. Its industry-leading CIB battery-body integration technology features 1500 MPa ultra-high-strength thermoforming steel, and its pillar collision resistance can reach 80 tons, delivering excellent body rigidity and strength across multiple angles. Also, the G6’s battery packs adopt standards exceeding the industry average, capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 700℃ and meeting the highest IP68 rating for waterproofing and dust resistance.

The G6 is also equipped with 13 comprehensive, active safety systems, which are among the best in G6’s class. By integrating radar and camera detection throughout the vehicle, G6’s safety systems can comprehensively assess risks in front of, behind, and on both sides of the vehicle, providing timely warnings or active intervention.

Striking Design. Versatile Cabin Space

Developed in consultation with Sci-Fi writer Liu Cixin, the G6’s body design boasts sleek lines derived from tech-fluid aesthetics. Furthermore, the G6’s suspended roof design, coupled with its long 2890mm wheelbase and 60.8% axial length ratio, offer abundant headroom and spacious rear seats. This design perfectly balances the coupe’s sleek fastback styling with consumer demand for a spacious cabin, ensuring bountiful comfort and space.

In 2019, XPENG became the first EV maker in China to introduce intelligent cockpit features. The G6 is equipped with an upgraded smart in-car operating system, Xmart OS 4.0, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155P chipset and 14.96-inch touchscreen display for a more intuitive, “GPT”-like, intelligent human-machine interaction experience. The G6’s intelligent cabin features XPENG’s full-scenario voice assistant 2.0, which provides a voice assistant capable of real-time continuous voice command recognition, multi-zone dialogues and offline interaction.

With its innovative technology and forward-looking features, the G6’s design has impressed design experts worldwide, including the judging panel of the MUSE Design Awards, an international competition for designers whose craftsmanship shifts paradigms. The G6 recently won MUSE’s Platinum Award in the Transportation Design category, the organization’s highest honor in the United States.

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