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Charge myHyundai installs 500,000 charging stations in Europe

Hyundai Motor Europe’s Charge myHyundai charging service has reached a major milestone and now offers more than 500,000 charging points in 30 countries throughout Europe. The achievement is further proof of Hyundai’s dedication to the future of electrified mobility and support for an extensive charging infrastructure, as European EV sales continue to grow.

By partnering with major charging solutions providers, including Digital Charging Solutions network and IONITY, Hyundai is taking a proactive approach to further seeking to ensure that European EV drivers will have a reliable charging network, wherever they want to travel to. The ever-increasing number of charging points across the continent alleviates range anxiety while high-power chargers ensure short charging times for customers.

Charge myHyundai offers a seamless experience that optimises the entire charging experience, giving Hyundai’s EV customers access to one of the most-expansive public charging networks in Europe. Drivers of Hyundai EVs also benefit from different tariffs for various driving needs, straightforward access with a single RFID card or the Charge myHyundai app, as well as one monthly invoice for all charging sessions.

Along with an easy search function for charging points, Charge myHyundai app users can benefit from its navigation function, apply filter options – such as plug type, charging speed and access type – and profit from real-time updates on charging fees and availability.

In 2023, Hyundai will make EV charging even more convenient and secure by offering Plug & Charge with IONIQ 6. Owners can simply plug their vehicle into a charging point to start the charging process. The authentication required to initiate a charging session will take place automatically and directly between the vehicle and the charging point, with no RFID charge card or smartphone app required, saving IONIQ 6 drivers’ time and hassle as soon as on the market.

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